Match Top Candidates to Best-Fit Jobs at your Organization.

Making sure that the right people are in the right positions is crucial for the success of any organization. The business landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Your organization needs tools that help you understand the diversity represented in your workforce so that you can identify employees who possess the skills, experience and interests to succeed in your unique work environment. As intuitive as this may seem, organizations often struggle matching people to the right jobs.

PDRI understands these challenges and can work with your organization to overcome these hurdles using our TotalMatch talent mobility suite.

TotalMatch takes a unique approach to talent management and internal talent mobility through the use of scientifically designed, online assessments that establish a profile of a person’s experience, skills and work-related interests and maps them to best-fit jobs within the organization. TotalMatch delivers a set of jobs that are aligned with an individual’s profile – a key factor that can lead to better job satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

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  • More accurate job matches 

  • Decreases in hiring costs and employee turnover 

  • Decreases in time to fill open positions

  • Improved candidate satisfaction

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