USA Hire

Maximize the Impact of Every Hiring Decision.

Today’s challenges make the performance of every new hire more critical than ever to the success of an agency’s mission. Yet many federal agencies use subjective, unreliable selection methods or burdensome processes that result in long times to hire, a poor candidate experience, and missed opportunities for good talent.

To solve these challenges, the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) was charged with implementing an effort to modernize federal hiring, optimize hiring decisions, substantially reduce time-to-hire, and improve the candidate experience. OPM turned to PDRI for assistance in building an automated assessment process designed to meet its unique needs.


PDRI partnered with OPM to develop USA Hire, an online assessment process designed to achieve efficient and effective hiring in federal agencies. USA Hire enables agencies to quickly and flexibly assess candidates anywhere, anytime, for all types of jobs.

USA Hire Ensures the Best Candidates are Hired to Meet Each Agency’s Unique Mission Needs by Providing:

  • Access to standard or tailored assessments for any job, context, or need

  • Proctored or unproctored online administration

  • An efficient and flexible, automated assessment platform

"How Federal Managers Make Better Hiring Decisions with USA Hire"

Our Customers Benefit From:

  • Accurate identification of best-fit candidates for the role and agency context

  • Efficient management and processing of very large applicant pools

  • Reduced administrative burden

  • Significantly decreased assessment time and time to hire

  • An outstanding user experience, as judged by users, with 90% favorable reactions