One-size-fits-all Talent Solutions don’t work for every situation; instead,

Solutions Need to Fit Each Organization’s Strategy, Culture, and Goals.

Talent Solutions Fit for Your Context

PDRI ensures your talent management practices are best-fit to your unique context, goals, and needs. Our ground-breaking insights and award-winning solutions maximize business outcomes in today’s fast-paced, complex work environment.

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Assessment & Hiring

Accelerate hiring and compete more effectively for talent.

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Leadership Development

Optimize the fit of leaders to different contexts.

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Performance Management

Enable your workforce to deliver higher performance.

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Career Management

Align career planning with changing work needs.

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PDRI is a unique partner

PDRI is a unique partner

in transforming our culture around performance management. PDRI stands out in terms of not only their expertise in performance management strategy and solutions, but also in how responsive and customer-oriented they are.