Performance Management

Transforming Performance Management to Drive Performance

There is no “one-size-fits-all” performance management (PM) process that works well for every situation. Instead, PM needs to be designed to fit the strategy, goals, context, and maturity of each organization.

Research shows that traditional PM fails to impact performance. Managers and employees alike see PM as burdensome and disengaging. Further, what actually drives performance and engagement are manager behaviors that help employees succeed day-to-day. Companies are thus shifting attention from formal PM systems to driving powerful, always-on PM behaviors.

From Formal Performance Management....To Managing Performance Effectively

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We help our clients design PM processes that are ideally suited to their contexts and enable the mindset, behaviors, and real-time practices that matter most in driving high performance.

Customer Benefits

Insight into the fit between current PM practices and the organization’s strategy, culture, and needs.

Expert analysis and advice on what changes will best unlock performance and ROI in the context.

Analysis of PM costs and ROI, with strategies to improve this equation.

Resources to help streamline low value PM process, typically saving millions.

Use of our PM Maturity Diagnostic to evaluate and benchmark current PM practices.

Workforce enablement that focuses on driving engagement and performance.

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