Transforming Performance Management

Reinventing Performance Management to
Deliver High Value and Impact

Organizations are radically transforming performance management (PM). The idea is simple — evolve from formal, infrequent PM steps to powerful, “always-on” feedback and coaching that is cued in real time by the work. While it sounds easy, efforts are coming up short, with PM heads still reporting significant gaps in managers’ ability to engage in effective conversations that actually drive performance.

PDRI is taking a new, bold approach to deliver the true promise of PM,

based on years working with many organizations to improve their PM outcomes.

We help customers achieve engaging, impactful PM by focusing our change efforts on the following key areas:

  • Teams increasingly deliver work, but talent practices focus on individuals. We need to expand our talent practices to focus more on teams.

  • With increasingly complex environments, leaders can’t always track everyone’s performance, so team members need to help manage performance.

  • We need to better diagnose performance issues in complex situations, not just jump prematurely to individual feedback.

  • Processes that try to do too much—rate, reward, develop—end up doing none well; PM should focus strictly on driving high performance.

  • Performance needs to be managed for specific role requirements in context, not general competencies.

  • Solid performance measurement in real time is important to signal issues and correct course; backward-looking PM does too little, too late.

  • An important mindset shift is that PM needs to focus on how work gets done day-to-day, not something that happens 1 or 2x times a year in an automated system.

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