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PDRI is honored to be selected by The Washington Post as one of the best companies to work for based on feedback from our employees for the third consecutive year.

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2021 / Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Gary Carter elected as APA Council Representative

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2020 / Harvard Business Review

Don’t Let Teamwork Get in the Way of Agility

Elaine Pulakos and Rob Kaiser discuss how teamwork can get in the way of agility when we don’t Rightsize Teamwork.

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Key Levers for Successfully Managing the Uncertainty and Disruption of COVID-19

Elaine Pulakos shares how leaders can stabilize situations in these uncertain times, a critical first step on the path to developing high agility and resilience.

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2020 / Harvard Business Review

To Build an Agile Team, Commit to Organizational Stability

Elaine Pulakos and Rob Kaiser share seven imperatives for leaders to create stability that is vitally important for organizational agility and resilience that we need today.

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2020 / Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The SIOP Board recognizes Jeff Facteau as a SIOP Fellow

Congratulations to PDRI’s Jeff Facteau for his outstanding accomplishments in the profession of I/O Psychology!

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2019 / Book Authority

Winner of “Best Career Development Books Of All Time”

Congratulations to PDRI’s Chief Professional Services Officer, Gary Carter, whose book was recognized by BookAuthority as one of the “Best Career Development Books of All Time!”

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2019 / The Conference Board

What Leads to Organizational Agility? It’s Not What You Think

Elaine Pulakos shares new research in The Conference Board’s Webcast which aired November 14, 2019. Elaine reveals three critical factors that lead to organizational agility: rightsized teamwork, stability, and relentless course correction.

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2018 / ARTICLE for daily herald

4 Types of Agility for Your Executive Career

Article about unique characteristics of agile teams. Integrated cross-functional teams require ARA (Adaptability, Resilience, Agility) to handle emergencies, switch gears, exhibit continuous learning, and adapt to different cultures and environments.

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2018 / ARTICLE for Knowable Magazine

Is it time to bring data to managing?

Trendy office layouts. Performance reviews that crush morale. There’s plenty of evidence on how to get the best out of workers, but businesses often ignore it.

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