PM Strategy Roadmap

Design, Embed, and Sustain a Performance Management Approach that is Ideally Suited for Your Context and Needs.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all performance management process that works across organizations. In fact, when organizations attempt to adopt what they think are best practices or what has worked well elsewhere, it usually fails. Formal performance management is uniformly disliked by managers and employees, and research has shown it to have no significant impact on actually driving performance.

Every organization is unique. Performance management, more so than any other talent system, needs to be bespoke and fit to the organization’s specific strategy, goals, culture, and desired state to work well.

Our Performance Management Strategy Roadmap examines your current performance management system against the organization’s strategy, goals, culture, and desired state to assess the extent to which the current process is well-fit to the organization’s needs. We help you identify areas of opportunity to better align your process with the organization’s needs, often resulting in millions of dollars of cost and time savings and improved and accelerated performance and business outcomes.


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  • Fundamental shift in how to think about performance management more productively

  • Evaluation of current system and identification of biggest opportunities

  • Concrete recommendations ideally fit to organizational context

  • Focus on evidence-based behaviors and practices that drive performance


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