Leadership Strategy Roadmap

Identify and Align Your Leadership Development Needs to Drive Leader Performance.

By the time employees reach leadership positions, they usually have the skills needed to succeed in their functional specialties. However, many leaders struggle to adapt to changes in the work environment that require them to exhibit different skills and capabilities to effectively lead others. The ways in which leaders may be struggling or their specific gaps are often unique to the organizational context in which they are operating.

It’s critical to understand the specific goals, strategy, and challenges leaders are facing in their current context, as well as what they will face in the future, in order to ensure leader development practices will be effective in preparing a strong, capable, and robust leadership bench.

Our Leadership Strategy Roadmap examines your current leader development practices against the organization’s strategy, goals, culture, and desired state to assess the extent to which the current programs are well-fit to the organization’s needs. We help you identify critical gaps and provide concrete recommendations to better align your leader development programs with the organization’s current and future requirements.

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  • Focus on current and future critical leader capabilities

  • Evaluation of current practices and identification of biggest opportunities

  • Concrete recommendations ideally fit to organizational context

  • Focus on evidence-based behaviors and practices that drive leader performance

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