Leadership Development

Optimizing Leader Readiness and Success for Your Context

Many leaders are struggling in today’s disruptive business environment, with fewer than 30% of business units reporting that they have the leaders they need to succeed.

Leading through disruptive change is challenging. It requires devising new strategies, processes, and structures and building new cultures for innovation, performance, and ARA – Adaptability, Resilience, Agility.

Our diagnostic assessments and enablement programs help leaders understand how they can best enable performance in their situations. We accomplish this by analyzing the leadership context, pinpointing critical challenges leaders are facing, and identifying leader characteristics that are most critical for success.

This enables optimized fit of leaders to roles, insights to guide succession decisions, and leader development that is fine-tuned for each individual and context.

Customer Benefits

Leadership strategies that align with the organization’s most pressing needs.

Development that focuses on experiences leaders need to succeed.

Unique insights into critical context factors and their implications for leader development and placement.

Enablement that helps leaders build ARA in their teams and organizations.

Tools that pinpoint context-specific leader strengths and gaps.

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