Career Management

Aligning Development with
Changing Organizational Needs

Organizations and jobs are changing quickly, limiting our ability to plan for future careers. For many, during their careers, the jobs they began with will cease to exist.

To maintain readiness, workers need to stay abreast of new developments and engage in continuous learning. An important part of individual ARA —Adaptability, Resilience, and Agility—is acquiring new capabilities that will enable negotiating unpredictable career changes.

Our career building blocks flexibly accommodate changing work requirements and structures, enabling new roles to be defined quickly with aligned development activities. These help individuals approach career planning focused on skills that will aid them in shifting with changing work needs.

Our unique career matching tools further assist by identifying obvious and non-obvious career opportunities for which individuals are well-fit, taking a whole-person approach.

Customer Benefits

Use of PDRI’s extensive career building blocks for career management.

Supported learning that builds new capabilities through in-job learning.

Unique career matching tools that surface career and work opportunities.

Related services, including skill-gap analyses, career paths, and certification.

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