ARA Assessments and Development Reports

Identify Individuals Who are ‘Best Fit’ to Deliver Against Your Specific ARA – Adaptability, Resilience, and Agility – Requirements.

Disruptive technology, changes in where and how work is done, and the need to engage with diverse others are all features of today’s work environment. Navigating this amount of change requires high levels of ARA from individuals, teams, and organizations. However, ARA is not just one thing — our research shows that different organizations, teams, and jobs require different types of ARA.

What’s important for building ARA in your organization is understanding your unique requirements and being able to identify and place individuals in roles where they will perform best.

Our unique ARA Assessments and Development Reports leverage our award-winning research to provide a detailed profile of your most critical ARA requirements and pinpoint those individuals who are best suited to perform effectively against these.

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  • Automated, scalable solution

  • Organizational and individual diagnostic reports

  • Optimized placement of individuals in roles and teams

  • Training for HR and managers on use of product analytics and metrics

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