Competency Modeling

Build a solid foundation for your integrated talent management and training programs.

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PDRI’s automated competency modeling tool coupled with a rich library of content enable high-quality, tailored competency models that are efficient and effective.

The importance of understanding the critical competencies that result in job success cannot be overstated. An accurate grasp of competency requirements is mandatory for effective hiring, deployment, employee and leadership development, and performance and succession management. Clearly defined competency models underlie the full range of PDRI integrated PerformanceFIT human capital and training tools.

Competency Development for Enterprise and Government

PDRI’s competency development approach is built on decades of experience developing enterprise and occupation-specific competency models that cover most federal job series, many private sector jobs and all levels of work. PDRI’s web-based competency modeling and job analysis tool was developed specifically for the federal government, allowing any competency model content and the full range of rating scales to be included.This tool:

  • Automatically generates competency surveys
  • Electronically distributes surveys to respondents
  • Efficiently analyzes resulting data to quickly identify critical competencies

Competency Models Drive Performance and Value

PDRI competency models form a solid foundation for a coherent set of talent management tools and processes that are aligned with your organization’s strategic direction, and that allow you to maximize agency performance and taxpayer value during a period of static or shrinking resources.

To learn more about how PDRI PerformanceFIT solutions can help you build and sustain a high-performance culture, contact us.

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