Talent Management Solutions
Tailored For Your Success

Why Now?

Today’s federal agencies face unprecedented human capital management challenges. Unfortunately, few organizations are prepared to address these challenges, resulting in failure to meet goals, sluggish work streams, and deferred priorities.

Many conventional approaches inadequately address the unique needs of government organizations by using generic or outsized solutions with unproven outcomes. Government organizations need a more precise approach to talent management in order to meet their objectives.

Build and Sustain High Performance

To boost organizational performance, the best agencies ensure their talent management programs are carefully tailored to their culture and performance objectives. They use practical, accessible, and affordable solutions that empower employees to do more with less. This is accomplished through an agency-wide adoption of holistic and context-specific talent approaches to build and sustain a high-performance culture.


  • Proven, field-tested best practices and industry-leading solutions.
  • High-quality solutions for any project ranging from small research projects to complex, large-scale development and implementation efforts.
  • Low-risk choice for tackling the largest and most complex human capital project implementations.
  • Large team of cleared experts with proven track record of high-impact results.

How We Can Help

Our integrated suite of talent management solutions is designed to help agencies hire, develop, manage, and motivate top talent. We apply a proven approach to diagnose performance needs and create workforce development solutions targeted to specific organizational requirements.

Each component is adapted to the unique needs of your organization and includes the strategies, resources, technology, tools, and systems integration required to facilitate adoption and optimize performance.


  • USA Hire: An online assessment program specifically designed to meet the hiring needs of government agencies.
  • Hiring and Assessment: Decrease time to hire and improve the quality of hires with validated, technology-enabled assessments.
  • Custom Training: Improve organizational performance with high-quality training solutions.
  • Competency Modeling: Build a solid foundation for your integrated talent management and training programs.
  • Career Management: Build the workforce capabilities needed to meet the needs of today and the future.
  • Performance Management: Transform your process to increase accountability and maximize employee performance.
  • Leadership Development: Ensure your leaders are ready to take your organization to the next level.
  • Organizational Design: Align the organizational structure with the core agency mission and strategic plans.
  • Development Coach: Scalable support to develop critical skills on-the-job.