How will your agency implement the
OMB-required agency reform plan?

OMB memo M-17-22 calls for Federal Agencies to maximize employee performance and improve agency efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability.
How will your agency implement the OMB-required agency reform plan?

We Can Help

PDRI, a CEB Company is renowned globally for helping public and private sector organizations reform their talent processes to drive higher employee and organizational performance. Our solutions hone in on what’s most important for maximizing performance in each agency’s specific context. We leverage proven tools and processes to accelerate implementation and help agencies quickly show impact and tangible results.

Our proven Federal government solutions produce:

  • Streamlined performance management practices that drive accountability and maximize employee performance
  • Enhanced organizational structures that are aligned with the core agency mission and strategic plans
  • A workforce that is best able to meet the critical mission needs of today and the future

Key Outcome

In a matter of months, your agency can maximize the benefits from your talent programs and save millions of dollars in reduced time spent on low-value activities while increasing engagement and improving accountability and mission effectiveness.

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Featured Solutions

Hiring and Assessment

Decrease time to hire and improve the quality of hires with validated, technology-enabled assessments.

Performance Management

Transform your performance management process to increase accountability and maximize employee performance.

Organizational Design

Align the organizational structure with the core agency mission and strategic plans.

Career Management

Build the workforce capabilities needed to meet the needs of today and the future.