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PDRI's Yankelevich on Cyber Workforce Planning in Federal Times

IT, HR must collaborate to attract, keep cyber talent

November 4, 2012, Federal Times – by Maya Yankelevich

Few commercial enterprises, critical infrastructure entities and government agencies have a comprehensive cybersecurity workforce planning strategy in place. In fact, the increasingly sophisticated threat environment makes cyber workforce planning a formidable challenge and a mission-critical priority.

Now more than ever, technology alone cannot sustain a powerful cyber defense. People are the most significant component of cyber readiness, and that means the time is now for developing and implementing a cybersecurity workforce planning strategy for hiring and developing the best and brightest human resources. Government agencies are vulnerable points of entry into the nation’s critical infrastructure and therefore must vigilantly combat the cyber crisis, which President Obama recently called “one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation.”

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