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View Webinar: Driving Performance Through Increased Employee Engagement

In this Webinar, Dr. Rose Mueller-Hanson will offers three practical strategies for using a new approach to performance management that drives high performance and engagement.

If you would like to download the slides in PDF format, click here.

About the Instructors:

Rose Hanson:
Dr. Rose Mueller-Hanson is the Associate Director/CFO at Community Interface Services.  Her areas of expertise include leadership development; performance management system design, development, and implementation; training needs analysis, design, development, and delivery; competency modeling; individual and organizational assessment; and organizational development.  A strong advocate for reforming performance management, she is the co-author of several recent articles on the topic, including The New Rules of Performance Management, and Building a High Performance Culture: A Fresh Look at Performance Management, published by the Society for Human Resources Management.

Allan Schweyer:
Allan Schweyer is the President of TMGov.org, which provides research, events, webinars and education in talent management to more than 450,000 federal, state and local government leaders and practitioners. He is the co-founder and past president of the Human Capital Institute and the author of Talent Management Systems (Wiley, 2004) and Talent Management Technologies (HCI Press, 2009). Allan has been recognized in many forums, including the Top 100 Most influential HR and Talent Management Leaders worldwide. He is a Certified ROI Analyst and a renowned speaker and instructor who has spoken and delivered training in more than 40 nations worldwide over the past decade.

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