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Corporate Executive Board (CEB) Acquires SHL: Announcement Signals Advancement in the Science and Practice of Talent Management

On August 2, the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) (www.executiveboard.com), a leading member-based advisory company and provider of best-practices research and engagement tools, announced that it has closed its previously announced acquisition of our parent company, SHL (www.shl.com), and PDRI. The acquisition creates the leading global source of actionable insight on talent management and measurement for enterprise and government.

The combined organization of 3,000 employees committed to advancing the science and practice of talent management will have an expanded presence in both developed and emerging markets worldwide, serving customers in more than 100 countries. The transaction promises to help a broader client base gain competitive advantage by applying robust technology and rich predictive analytics to the selection, development and management of talent…the vital corporate asset that drives business performance.

PDRI Envisions Expanded Business Opportunities

The combination of CEB’s insights and best practices; SHL’s scientifically validated assessments, analytics and technology platform; and PDRI’s industry-leading talent management consulting services and automated tools creates a global organization with enhanced capabilities to help clients manage talent, transform operations and reduce risk.

PDRI clients will benefit from content and services that link even more tightly to the roles and capabilities that matter most. For example—combining our resources will provide both our government and corporate customers with a clearer view on issues that are vitally important to them, such as how to maximize employee engagement and form a great team. This will enable our clients to make their most important talent decisions with even more confidence using the business insight, predictive power and scientific validity of our work.

"We are delighted to be joining the CEB family and feel that CEB is a great complement to PDRI—a marriage that will enhance our brand and service offerings. Our partnership with CEB, in addition to the joint strategy we launched with SHL this year, will fuel our growth in both the government and private sectors."

-Elaine Pulakos, President, PDRI

CEB Values PDRI's Unique Expertise

As the new global market leader in talent measurement and management, CEB extends its reach in partnership with SHL by offering a broader, technology-driven solutions and services portfolio.

PDRI contributes savvy minds and rich resources to CEB on topics critical to government and business leaders—selection of the right people for the right mission, effective development strategies and training, and precise alignment of talent strategies with performance management. PDRI provides key data to support talent decisions, ensuring the attraction and retention of mission-critical employees, and helps agencies and organizations reshape their relationships with employees to support ongoing engagement and performance.

"The combined forces of CEB, SHL and PDRI create a uniquely valuable resource for federal agencies and private-sector businesses. The integrated entity supports talent strategy development and ensures the deployment of highly effective and comprehensive talent management practices."

-Thomas Monahan, CEO,

Corporate Executive Board

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