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The Human Perimeter: Essential Workforce Planning Solutions for Improving Cybersecurity

By Maya Yankelevich

Today's threat landscape is a dynamic collage of cyber exploits perpetrated by sophisticated and agile crime syndicates, religious and political groups, and others with malicious intent. The organizational victims of stealth cyber warfare-commercial companies and government agencies-must fortify their traditional technology-based defenses in order to effectively combat this pervasive and constantly evolving threat. The battlefield has expanded and matured...so must the fighting forces of the human perimeter.

A broader perspective that encompasses all critical aspects of people, process and technology is required to attain a state of resilient cyber readiness. Cybersecurity no longer falls within the exclusive purview of the security organization; it now encompasses every job that touches technology acquisition, deployment and operations. Leading agencies (e.g., Department of Homeland Security, intelligence) are leveraging proven workforce planning strategies and solutions to overcome the acute shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Similar approaches should be adopted across all federal agencies and in the private sector as a matter of national security.

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