Peer Reviews Validate PDRI Approaches

March 5, 2012

We live in an age of instantaneous and rampant online sharing of challenges faced in the work environment, followed by proposed quick fixes, few of which are viable. Social media networks thrive on this constant proliferation of content. While this is great for the propagation of new ideas, it tends to contribute to the exchange of untested concepts and recommendations. A similar concern often surfaces in the talent management arena; proposed human capital management solutions aimed at providing quick fixes frequently lack the academic rigor and field research to validate the efficacy of an idea or approach.

PDRI believes in a more disciplined and reliable source for feedback on evolving developments in forward-thinking talent management. The company has long prided itself on presenting its ideas, insights, and proposed new approaches for innovation in human capital management to the professional community for peer review and commentary. Below please find excerpts from two book reviews that appear in recent editions of Personnel Psychology (

Elaine Pulakos. Performance Management: A New Approach for Driving Business Results.
Reviewed (Spring 2012) by Amy Bladen Shatto, President/Owner, Leadership Variations:
“It packs a surprising punch it its thoroughness and its ability to capture decades of best practices in a no-nonsense, user-friendly manual…an end-to-end practical, proven, and effective performance management solution that focuses on achieving important results that lead to organizational effectiveness. This is one of the few practical primers I have ever read on the topic that presents research-based best practices in a step-by-step, clearly written format that can truly be used by managers as a ‘how to’ guide to design and implement a performance management process.”

Gary Carter, Kevin Cook, and David Dorsey. Career Paths: Charting Courses to Success for Organizations and Their Employees.
Reviewed (Autumn 2011) by Richard Chagnon, Senior Talent Management Consultant, EASI.Consult:
“It provides examples of successful career path systems along with substantial information on how to set them up and make them work.  Career Paths does an excellent job of outlining the steps a company should take to develop intelligent stages of career growth within its organization. Talent management professionals and executive leaders will draw much from its pages as they set out to attract, develop, and retain the best talent in their industry.”

PDRI thanks the reviewers for their insightful commentary.